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Image request handler for Node.js with on demand resizing using ImageMagick.


ImageRequest is a small module that you hook up to your Node.js HTTP server to handle image requests. ImageRequest will then handle image delivery and on demand resizing for you.


To use ImageRequest with for example Express do something like this:

var ir = require('image-request');
app.get('photos/:size/:img', ir({
  src: __dirname + '/photos',

Then when someone requests for example photos/small/picture.jpg a resized version of the original picture.jpg will be delivered. The resized version is stored on disk an reused for subsequent requests.


Install with npm install imagerequest

You will also need to have ImageMagick installed on your system.


This project is very new, and very rough around the edges. It's probably not very well coded at this moment. And a lot of functionality is only half assed or not at all implemented even though the source suggestes otherwise.

Please try it out if you want to. As always, pull requests much appreciated.

Currently unimplemented

  • Real error reporting and error handling
  • Blocking of upscaling
  • Documentation
  • Other stuff