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IJavascript is an npm package that implements a Javascript kernel for the Jupyter notebook (formerly known as IPython notebook). A Jupyter notebook combines the creation of rich-text documents (including equations, graphs and videos) with the execution of code in a number of programming languages.

The execution of code is carried out by means of a kernel that implements the IPython/Jupyter messaging protocol. There are kernels available for Python, Julia, Ruby, Haskell and many other languages.

Main Features


The instructions to install IJavascript are platform-dependent. For example, in Ubuntu 14.04, IJavascript and its prerequisites can be installed simply by running:

sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy npm ipython ipython-notebook libzmq3-dev
sudo npm install -g ijavascript

For other platforms, please, refer to the installation notes.


To start an IPython notebook session with the IJavascript kernel, run:


This command should open the IPython notebook dashboard in your default web browser:

Screenshot: IPython NotebookDashboard

Here's a sample notebook that makes use of the IJavascript kernel:

Screenshot: Notebook Hello Sample

Please, refer to the usage notes for further details.


First of all, thank you for taking the time to contribute. Please, read CONTRIBUTING and use the issue tracker for any contributions: support requests, bug reports, enhancement requests, pull requests, submission of tutorials...


  • Split kernel into Jupyter and Javascript frameworks to help reuse code in the CoffeeScript and Babel kernels.
  • Use Mocha test framework
  • Complete the implementation of IPython's messaging protocol v4.1
  • Complete the implementation of IPython's messaging protocol v5.0

See TODO list in package NEL for additional items.