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Compile an ignore file (similar to .gitignore) to a Javascript function that returns true or false given a filename

npm install ignore-file

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Assuming you have a .gitignore file in your current working directory that contains node_modules do

var ignore = require('ignore-file')
ignore('.gitignore', function(err, filter) {
  if (err) throw err
  console.log(filter('index.js'))     // returns false 
  console.log(filter('node_modules')) // returns true 

You can also use ignore.sync(filename) to synchroniously compile an ignore file If the file doesn't exist null is returned. This allows you easily implement fallbacks

var filter = ignore.sync('.npmignore') || ignore.sync('.gitignore') || ignore.compile('node_modules')

The above will use .npmignore if it exists, else .gitignore and finally just ignore all node_modules folders