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Read/write IEEE754 floating point numbers from/to a Buffer or array-like object.


npm install ieee754


var ieee754 = require('ieee754')

The ieee754 object has the following functions: = function (buffer, offset, isLE, mLen, nBytes)
ieee754.write = function (buffer, value, offset, isLE, mLen, nBytes)

The arguments mean the following:

  • buffer = the buffer
  • offset = offset into the buffer
  • value = value to set (only for write)
  • isLe = is little endian?
  • mLen = mantissa length
  • nBytes = number of bytes

what is ieee754?

The IEEE Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic (IEEE 754) is a technical standard for floating-point computation. Read more.


BSD 3 Clause. Copyright (c) 2008, Fair Oaks Labs, Inc.