Nonlinear Performance Magnification
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# E2E Runner


npm install -g ics-e2e

Configuration file config.yml

url:       # URL to tested application
path: some/root               # Path to e2e home directory (<HOME>); current directory is used if omitted
extender: mdt.js              # extender module for application (optional)
browser:                      # browser settings
  name: chrome                # chrome / edge / firefox / ie
  device:									    # mobile emulation
    name: iPhone 6            # mobile device name
    width: 1200
    height: 900
  enabled: true               # save screenshots
  percentage: 0               # allowed mismatch between reference and current screenshot (test will be failed if number is higher)
  wait: MS                    # wait before saving screenshot (milliseconds)
  ref: true 									# create reference screenshots mode


Configuration file config.yml must exists in directory where app is executed

  • all tests from <HOME>/tests are executed
  • only specified script is executed (relative path to <HOME>/tests)
e2e <filename.yaml>
  • interactive mode, user can execute commands using console
e2e -i
  • execute script and watch for changes in it
e2e -w <filename.yml>

Test creation

  • create file testname.yml or testname.yaml in test directory (<HOME>/tests)
  • file structure



 config:              # (optional)
   path: pos/brand    # relative URL path to the path in config.yaml
   readonly: true     # mock.restore will be executed after test suite execution; false is default
   xxx: yyy
   ...			          # all params except path and readonly will be passed in query string


Parameters with space(s) must be enclosed in quotes.

  • click selector
  • dblclick selector
  • input selector sequence sequence can contain special keys in curly braces, e.g.: "{control}a{delete}". SHIFT, CONTROL, ALT have state and are in pushed state:
    • key is encountered again in sequence
    • {null} encountered
    • end of sequence
  • type sequence
  • swipe x,y speed
  • sleep time
  • clear selector
  • exists? selector
  • value? selector value
  • with selector
  • reload reload
  • pause
  • screenshot name
  • mock action param1 param2 ...

Special selectors

  • @Name - is an alias for [code=Name]


- click "div.actions @clear-filters" # the same as "div.actions [code=clear-filters]"
- click "a@form-opener"              # the same as "a[code=form-opener]"

Special keys

  • {help}
  • {back_space}
  • {tab}
  • {enter}
  • {shift}
  • {control}
  • {alt}
  • {escape}
  • {space}
  • {page_up}
  • {page_down}
  • {end}
  • {home}
  • {arrow_left}, {left}
  • {arrow_right}, {right}
  • {arrow_down}, {down}
  • {arrow_up}, {up}
  • {insert}
  • {delete}
  • {numpadX}, X is 0 to 9
  • {fX}, X is 1 to 12
  • {add}
  • {multiply}
  • {subtract}
  • {divide}


Tests can be included in another test using command #include "path/to.yaml". It can be done in any line of a test.

Example: File controls_test.yaml contains

- click @Open
#include "controls/input.yaml"
#include "controls/datepicker.yaml"
#include "controls/textarea.yaml"
#include "controls/checkbox.yaml"
- click @Close

All included tests will be executed in order of appearance


  path: pos/brand
  login: system
skip intro:                                   // step name, screenshot is saved after each step
  - click a.btn-skip                          // click element a.btn-skip
  - input input.login           // type text in input field
  - input input.password 222
  - click a.sign-in
  - input input[name='House'] "777{enter}"    // type '777' and press ENTER
  - clear input.login                         // clear input field 
  - dblClick @Row							                // double click on element [code='Row']
  - type "some string"                        // type text in current field

  - swipe .intro -200,0 500                  // swipe left 200 pixels with speed 500 px/sec
  - sleep 500                                // sleep for 500 ms
  - click a.btn-skip
  - exists? a.btn-skip                       // check that element exists
  - pause                                    // pause execution, user can execute any command from console
                                             // type "resume" to continue
  - value? input.login          // check that value of the field is

#include "path/to.yaml"                      // include path/to.yaml
  - mock login system                        // exec mock.login('system') (mock must be defined in tested app)
  - with .very-long-selector                 // parent selector is set and is valid to the end of current step
  - click .btn1                              // ".very-long-selector .btn1"
  - click .btn2                              // ".very-long-selector .btn2"
  - reload                                   // reload page



npm i ics-e2e

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