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    A command line interface for accessing translations from the i18nexus API

    New to i18nexus?

    i18nexus is a translation management web application designed for use with i18next. Learn more with this 5 minute React walkthrough or visit our Quick Integration guide.

    Who is this CLI meant for?

    • Developers using SSR/SSG or libraries such as next-i18next
    • Developers who prefer to bundle their translation files with their app

    The primary motivation for this CLI is to ease i18nexus integration with SSR/SSG frameworks such as NextJS. It is the best way to integrate i18nexus with next-i18next.


    1. Installation

    npm install -g i18nexus-cli

    2. Downloading your translations

    i18nexus pull -k <YOUR_PROJECT_API_KEY>

    The above snippet will download all of your latest translations to your current directory in the following structure:

    └── public
        └── locales
            ├── en
            |   └── common.json
            └── de
                └── common.json

    This structure is i18next convention, and will work by default with next-i18next.

    If you wish to download your files to a different directory, you can use the --path option to specify your download destination. See all options below:


    i18nexus pull

    Option Default value
    --api-key or -k
    --path or -p ./public/locales
    --ver or -v latest
    --clean false


    --api-key Your project API key (Can also be set using environment variable I18NEXUS_API_KEY)

    --path The path to the destination folder in which translation files will be downloaded

    --ver The version of your project's translations to be downloaded (Can also be set using environment variable I18NEXUS_VERSION)

    --clean Before download, clears your destination folder specified in --path. As a safety precaution, this only deletes folders with names that match a simple language code regex. You should still ensure you are not storing any files in your destination folder that you do not want deleted.


    npm i i18nexus-cli

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