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Summon your Hyperterm windows with a system-wide hotkey. In a multi-window situation, hyperterm-summon will remember which window was active last and restore focus to it. If HyperTerm is already active when the hotkey is pressed, your terminal windows will be hidden and (on macOS only) your previously-active application will regain focus.


  1. Open your Hyper config file (i.e. ~/.hyperterm.js) in your preferred text editor.
  2. Add hyperterm-summon to the plugins array found in the Hyper config.
  3. Inside the Hyper config object, add a summon entry to house your hyperterm-summon config.
  4. Within the summon entry, add a hotkey entry assigned your preferred shortcut key binding.

NOTE: For a list of valid shortcuts, see Electron Accelerators.


Key Description Default
hotkey Shortcut to toggle Hyper window visibility. None
hideDock Hide the Hyper icon in the dock and app switcher. false

Example Config

module.exports = {
  config: {
    summon: {
      hideDock: true,
      hotkey: 'Alt+Super+O'
  plugins: [