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Mild Dark Theme for Hyper

Theme for Hyper (previously HyperTerm).


Forked from the Atom One Dark Theme for HyperTerm by @mdo, which was forked from @jxnblk's HyperTerminator.

AFAICT this was maybe the third theme out there for HyperTerm, so it may not be taking advantage of newer HyperTerm features or options.

If it doesn't quite suit you, you should check out other themes here!


  • $EDITOR ~/.hyper.js
  • Add hyperterm-mild-dark to your plugins array.
  • Reload (CMD+Shift+R)


This theme defaults to fonts with ligatures, if you have them installed (Haskig and Fira Code; if there are others you like, let me know!). You can disable ligatures by putting the following snippet in your ~/.hyper.js under config:

termCSS: `
  x-screen x-row {
    font-variant-ligatures: none;