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Extension for HyperTerm that automatically links:

  • URLs
  • local files in stack traces(opened in an editor of your choice)


How to use

Install HyperTerm and add hyperterm-clicky to plugins in ~/.hyperterm.js.

  • click a link to open it in your default browser.
  • hold Command or Alt(On PC keyboard) key and click a link to open it in hyperterm window.
  • focus on the HyperTerm window and Ctrl + C to abort opening url.
  • by default, we run atom editor when you click on a filename with :line:collumn, to set your prefered(sublime for example) editor, add this to your ~/.hyperterm.js:
  editor: 'subl'

for VSCode use code -g.

Customizing styles

Add cutome styles to termCSS in your ~/.hyperterm.js.

termCSS: `
  x-screen a {
    color: blue;
  x-screen a.hover {
    text-decoration: none;