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    Simple but powerful caching.

    Hypercache caches async db operations and gives you the abbility to get things by id or search the database completly sync and with speeds otherwise impossible.

    Why hypercache?

    • ## Fast
    • ## Zero-Dependencies
    • ## 100% Test Coverage


    new Hypercache(fnc, options)

    • fnc: A function that is called as fnc(cb)
      • cb(err, res)
      • err: The error that occured, if any
      • res: An array of objects
    • options
      • name: An optional name. If not provided the name will be guessed based on the function
      • keys: A list of unique properties like ["id"]
      • sets: A list of non-unique (also array) properties like ["aliases"]
      • interval: The interval to refresh in ms (default 2500)
      • manual: This will disable the fnc and interval and will expose an update function that is called as update(res)
      • sync: A hypercache to sync with. This will override the call for fnc to fnc(opt.sync.getAll(), cb) and disable the interval.


    ready: Emitted when the first update occurs

    update: Emitted when an update occurs

    error: Emitted when a function without a callback throws an error


    getAll(): Returns an array of all elements

    getMap(name): Returns the id->object map for key name

    getBy(id, value): Returns an object with [id]==value

    getSetMap(name): Returns the id->set map for key name

    getSet(id, value): Returns an array with [id]==value || [id].indexOf(value)

    search(str): Searches through all keys and returns the first with [key]==str

    searchSets(str): Seracher through all sets and returns the first with [key]==value || [key].indexOf(value)


    Fetch and cache data from mongoDB

    const cache = new Hypercache(cb => Users.find({}, cb), {
      keys: ["id", "username"],
      sets: ["aliases"]
    cache.once("ready", () => {
      cache.getBy("username", "mkg20001") // {username: "mkg20001", id: "1234", aliases: ["mkg", "krüger"], ...}"1234") // {username: "mkg20001", id: "1234", aliases: ["mkg", "krüger"], ...}
      cache.searchSets("mkg") // {username: "mkg20001", id: "1234", aliases: ["mkg", "krüger"], ...}


    npm i hypercache

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