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Extensible media player controller for Hyper. Displays the song currently playing in your media player at the bottom of the terminal and allows you to control your favorite music.

This is an empty shell for media player control. You must install another plugin for the media player of your choice.



Add hyper-media-control to your Hyper configuration, plus any control plugins you want.


Configuration will depend largely on the control plugins you have installed, but there are some global configuration options available.

module.exports = {
    config: {
        hyperMedia : {
            showArtwork: true, // True if artwork should appear in the bottom right corner.
            autoPause: false, // If true, will attempt to pause when you switch away from a player.
            autoResume: false, // If true, will attempt to resume when you switch to a new player.
            shuffleRepeat: true, // If true, will show the shuffle / repeat buttons on the bottom bar.
            // Control plugins will place their config here.

Control Plugins

Here's a list of known control plugins. Submit a pull request if you create one!

Name Description Downloads
hyper-media-control-gpmdp Connect to GPMDP hyper-media-control-gpmdp
hyper-media-control-vlc Connect to VLC Media Player hyper-media-control-vlc
hyper-media-control-foobar2000-httpcontrol Connect to foobar2000 via the foo_httpcontrol component. hyper-media-control-foobar2000-httpcontrol
hyper-media-control-upnp Connect to UPNP devices on your network. hyper-media-control-upnp
hyper-media-control-spotify-local Connect to Spotify via the local web server. hyper-media-control-spotify-local
hyper-media-control-cast Connect to Google Cast devices on your network. hyper-media-control-cast


This package relies on hyper-plugin-extend for integrating with control plugins. The parent plugin name is hyper-media-control.

To create a media control plugin, create a class that derives from EventEmitter and contains the following events / methods:

Method / Event Name Description
constructor(playerManager, config) Constructs a new instance of this player controller. The first argument is the PlayerManager instance from hyper-media-control. The second argument is the hyperMedia object from config in .hyper.js.
playerName() Returns the name of the player. By convention, this is all lowercase.
iconUrl() Returns a URL to the icon for the player. This should be 64x64 pixels.
activate() Activates the player, enabling it to return events.
deactivate() Deactivates the player, shutting down events.
status Emitted whenever a new status object is available. First argument is a Status object describing player status.
playlist Emitted whenever a new playlist is available. First argument is an array of Track objects. This event is currently unused.

Status object structure:

    isRunning: true | false, // True if the player this is intended to control is running. False otherwise.
    state: 'playing' | 'paused' | 'stopped', // The state of playback.
    progress: 3000, // Progress through the track, in milliseconds. This field is optional.
    repeat: 'one' | 'all' | 'none', // The player's repeat setting. This field is optional.
    shuffle: true | false, // The player's shuffle status. This field is optional.
    volume: 0.5, // The player's volume setting, as a fraction of 1. This field is currently unused.
    track: { ... } // A Track object representing the currently playing track.

Track object structure:

    name: 'name', // The playing track's name.
    artist: 'artist', // The playing track's artist.
    coverUrl: '...' // A URL pointing to this track's album art. This field is optional.
    duration: 3000 // The total length of the current track, in milliseconds. This field is optional.

The following methods are not required, but when implemented, enable hyper-media-control to control playback.

Method Name Description
playPause() Toggles playback. Can optionally return a Promise for a Status object.
nextTrack() Moves playback to the next track. Can optionally return a Promise for a Status object.
previousTrack() Moves playback to the previous track. Can optionally return a Promise for a Status object.
toggleRepeat() Cycle through available repeat modes. Can optionally return a Promise for a Status object.
toggleShuffle() Toggles shuffling. Can optionally return a Promise for a Status object.
changeLibrary() Attempts to move to the next available library, allowing the user to cycle through possible control targets. Return value is not used.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to @panz3r and his Hyper plugin hyper-spotify for inspiring me to create this plugin. I learned a lot about React and Hyper studying his code. Go give him a star/follow!



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