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Search and stream music from Hype Machine! Provides a simple, node-friendly interface to access Hype Machine's search, art and music download streams. All of the streams are lazy so feel free to store as many references as you please. hypem also supports the command-line. See the CLI section for more details.


For the module:

$ npm install hypem-stream

For the CLI program:

$ npm install -g hypem-stream


var fs = require('fs');
var hypem = require('hypem-stream');
hypem.search('allah las catamaran', function (err, tracks) {
    var track;
    if (err) {
        return console.error(err);
    track = tracks[0];


Any stream refered to as "lazy" is a reference to lazystream. This means that you can accumulate as many as you want in memory without committing to downloading each, yet still treat them like vanilla readable streams.


    title, artist, duration,
    art: { large, medium, small },

art is an object containing references to three lazy, readable streams. Each reference a JPEG image download, usually of the album art. art itself is also a readable stream which returns the largest image.

song is a lazy reference to the readable download stream.

hypem.song(entry, [options])

Return a readable stream of a song (almost always MP3).

entry is expected to be an object with title and artist, or a string containing a hypem identifier.

options is an optional object that is passed into the needle requests required. This is provided to allow one to set custom timeouts or user agents.

hypem.search(entry, [options], callback)

Search for tracks on the hypem website.

entry is expected to be either a string or an object. If it's a string, then it's considered to be entry.terms and the other fields are defaulted.

entry.terms is a string containing the search criteria you wish to perform. Usually a song title or artist name.

entry.sort is an optional string that should be "favorite", "blogged" or "new". By default, entry.sort is set to "favorite".

entry.page is an optional integer describing which page to begin scraping at. By default it's set to 1.

options is an optional object with the same criteria as hypem.song's options.

callback returns an array of tracks.


Usage: hypem [<terms>] [options]
        <terms> being search criteria (an artist or song, for example).

        -h, --help              Display this screen.

        -l, --list [<p>]        Search for tracks based on input terms. <p> is an
                                optional integer describing which page to view.
        -i, --id <id>           Request a single track based on ID.

        -a, --art [<size>]      Grab the artwork stream instead of the
                                MP3 stream. Size can be "small", "medium" or "large".

        -o, --out <file>        Stream to download into a file. When
                                unspecified, dumps to STDOUT.


$ hypem catamaran | mplayer -cache 4096 -
$ hypem catamaran --art medium > album.jpeg
$ hypem the\ beatles --list 1



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