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Front-End Workflow.


  1. ES2015 with babel6
  2. Component Develop Mode.
  3. local development environments
  4. proxy server for debug with backend developer
  5. css module, scss like syntax with PreCSS
  6. image compress and dependence, include favicon
  7. js/css/images merge and compress
  8. unit test with karma && Jasmine
  9. ngAnnotate (only for AngularJS)


npm i -g hulix

How to use

hulix dev

start a local server and live translate code

hulix test

start karma for unit test.

all test files' name should append with _test.js

hulix build

compress all code.



  1. BIG FEATURE use cssModule and auto Replace same-name-class in HTML.


  1. Add PreCSS (plugin of PostCSS) to convert css file.
  2. *.scss files will use PreCSS


  1. Add Karma && Jasmine as the UnitTest Framework
  2. Custom Babel By .babelrc
  3. Custom dev server host
  4. update for vagrant


  1. force use css-loader?modules to modulize less files (except css files). Old project should wrap :global {} for all less files


Node gyp error?

Some modules need node-gyp, maybe you should see this

If you dont want to install visual studio, you may read this Vagrant as Development Environment.

Error: Unexpected token

try put .babelrc in project root directory.

may be you use ES2015 features, you should use .babelrc to declare the presets.

Why url() in less file cause error.

you should read this the hack method is use two dot ../xxx/xxx.jpg

that's why I add PreCSS and LESS will be deprecated.


  1. bootstrap tool
  2. Auto publish to server