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Hubot Web Push Notifications

This Hubot script allows your users to subscribe to Web Push notifications from a Web client/frontend, and then receive notifications, when someone mentions their name while they're away.

It is part of the Kosmos project and has been created for usage with the Hyperchannel Web client and other related programs.


Caveat: as Hubot's user management is somewhat broken at the moment, this is currently only implemented for the IRC adapter. Also, you need the following commit for the adapter to expose channel attendance data:

1. In your Hubot

Install the script package:

npm i --save hubot-web-push-notifications

Add it to external-scripts.json:


Hint: You should persist the robot's brain using something like hubot-redis-brain.

2. In your Web client/front-end

You can check out a working demo client in the demo/ directory, and copy all necessary code from there. Start it from this repo's root using:

npm run demo-client


As usual, config options are set via environment variables.

Key Description
GCM_API_KEY Google Cloud Messaging API key
VAPID_SUBJECT VAPID subject (mailto address or URL)
VAPID_PUBLIC_KEY URL-safe base64-encoded public key
VAPID_PRIVATE_KEY URL-safe base64-encoded private key

You can generate the VAPID keys using:

npm run generate-vapid-keys

Questions, support, high fives

Join us in #kosmos-dev on Freenode IRC, or open an issue on GitHub.

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