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Untappd Friends for Hubot

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Get the latest check-ins from your Untappd friends.

Getting Started

You will first need to go through the process of applying for an API key. This can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks, and you will need to explain for what you intend to use the API key. You can send a link to this page and say you want to use this package.

From here, it can be a little frustrating. Take a look at the documentation. It uses an OAuth1 workflow to send data back the specified endpoint, which you then need to exchange again to get an access token. A free Runscope account may make things easier because you can create a "bucket" to capture data coming back through the API. You will want to go through the Server Side Documentation workflow.


In your hubot repository, run:

npm install hubot-untappd-friends --save

Then add hubot-untappd-friends to your external-scripts.json:



Variable Required? Description
UNTAPPD_API_KEY Yes Client ID for your integration
UNTAPPD_API_SECRET Yes Client Secret for your integration
UNTAPPD_API_ACCESS_TOKEN Yes OAuth 2.0 access token
UNTAPPD_MAX_COUNT No Number of beers to show; default: 5
UNTAPPD_MAX_DESCRIPTION_LENGTH No Where to truncate long descriptions, 0 to hide; default: 150
UNTAPPD_MAX_RANDOM_ID No Maximum value to use for random beer command


  • hubot untappd - Recent friend activity
  • hubot untappd badges - Recent friends' badge activity
  • hubot untappd user <query> - Get stats about a particular user
  • hubot untappd beer random - Gets a random beer from the database
  • hubot untappd beer <query> - Get data about a particular beer
  • hubot untappd brewery <query> - Get data about a particular brewery
  • hubot untappd register - Instructions to register with the bot
  • hubot untappd approve - Approve all pending friend requests
  • hubot untappd friends - List the bot's friends
  • hubot untappd remove <username> - Remove a friend


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