control spotify with hubot on mac os x

h1. Hubot-Spotify

Want to control a central Spotify account in your office? This is the first version of a script that allows you to do so. Not really fancy at the moment, but it does the job. Thanks for the opensource AppleScripts and @dennus / @drblok.

h2. Setup

  • OSX (mac mini / server)
  • Spotify
  • Hubot
  • Campfire

h2. Install dependencies

  • @npm install sh@
  • @npm install spotify@

h2. Current commands

  • play <1|2|3|query> - Play/pause, play a song that you searched (1,2,3) or play a track by title
  • pause - Pause the current song
  • toggle - Play/pause the current song
  • stop - Stop current song
  • next - Play the next song from the playlist
  • previous - Play the previous song from the playlist
  • current song - Shows what song I'm currently playing",
  • volume <0..9|up|down> - Change volume using a specific number between 0 (mute) and 9 or by up and down
  • mute - Mute/unmute the sound
  • search <track|album|artist> - Search for a track on Spotify and play it

h2. Screenshot !!

h2. Run Hubot with Hubot-Spotify locally?

#1 place this in your ~/.bash_profile export HUBOT_CAMPFIRE_ACCOUNT=subdomain export HUBOT_CAMPFIRE_TOKEN=token export HUBOT_CAMPFIRE_ROOMS=roomnumber, roomnumber

#2 install node, npm and clone hubot brew install node curl | sh clone git://

#3 go to the hubot/scripts folder and get the hubot-spotify scripts in there

#4 install the dependencies for hubot-spotify npm install sh npm install spotify

#5 run hubot with campfire bin/hubot -a campfire -n Hubot