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this is just @davidvanleeuwen's original hubot-spotify, but it is installed and versioned as an npm package. not really fancy at the moment, but it does the job. thanks for the opensource AppleScripts and @dennus / @drblok.


you'll need to be running hubot on mac os x with installed. add this as a dependency to your hubot:

$ npm install --save hubot-spotify

and add it to the list of external dependencies in external-scripts.json:


Current commands

  • play <1|2|3|query> - Play/pause, play a song that you searched (1,2,3) or play a track by title
  • pause - Pause the current song
  • toggle - Play/pause the current song
  • stop - Stop current song
  • next - Play the next song from the playlist
  • previous - Play the previous song from the playlist
  • current song - Shows what song I'm currently playing",
  • volume <0..9|up|down> - Change volume using a specific number between 0 (mute) and 9 or by up and down
  • mute - Mute/unmute the sound
  • dj me <track|album|artist> - Search for a track on Spotify and play it