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Hubot Principles

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Gives out advise about relationships and communication

"A relationship with a partner who chooses, every day, to be with you is more satisfying than a relationship with a partner who is with you because he or she can’t leave."


  • hubot principle me - Respond with a random principle
  • hubot principle all - Respond with ALL the principles (Big paste)


Authored by Devin Weaver (@sukima).

The strings in this script were created and published by Franklin (tacit) in his blog post. It's popularity gained enough significance to make to my twitter feed. I use Campfire with my partners to help bridge the gap we have while we are off at work. Included is our own Hubot who keeps the chat room fun and unique. I felt such a script would be very useful as frequent reminders we all could use in our pursuit of developing good relations with the people we love.