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Hubot adapter for Partychat-Hooks

This is an adapter that connects hubot to partychat, by way of partychat-hooks.


Create a hook

  1. Log into partychat-hooks and create a hook for your chat room.

  2. Click New Post Hook and enter this as the body:


    Take note of the HTTP Endpoint. You'll need to pass this to hubot.

  3. Click New Receive Hook. For the command sequence, enter *.

    For the HTTP Endpoint, enter the address+port that hubot will run at, plus /partychat. For example:

Set up your hubot

  1. Obtain your own Hubot.

  2. Edit package.json, adding this to the dependencies:

     "hubot-partychat-hooks": "0.x"
  3. Install the needed packages.

     npm install


  1. Remember that Post Hook endpoint from earlier? You need it now.

     HUBOT_POST_ENDPOINT= bin/hubot -a partychat-hooks