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    A simple shared music player controlled by hubot. Let everyone in your team add / remove / play / skip songs. They can also control volume, repeat and shuffle status of your player.

    See src/scripts/ for full documentation.


    In hubot project repo, run:

    npm install hubot-deezer --save

    Then add hubot-deezer to your external-scripts.json:


    Setup environment variables.

    DEEZER_APP_ID=<Your Deezer App ID>
    PUSHER_APP_ID=<Your Pusher App ID>
    PUSHER_KEY=<Your Pusher Key>
    PUSHER_SECRET=<Your Pusher Secret>

    How to use it

    1. Open a web browser on your computer which is connected to a good speaker.
    2. Sign in to deezer.
    3. Visit http://<Your Host>/hubot-deezer.

    You can now control your music player with your teammates using hubot.

    Sample Interaction

    user1>> deezer search Love yourself
    hubot>> Searching "Love yourself" ...
            Type `deezer add NUMBER` to add the song.
            0. Love Yourself - Justin Bieber
            1. Love Yourself - William Singe
    user1>> deezer add 0
    hubot>> **Love Yourself** - *Justin Bieber* is added.


    Type deezer help to see what you can do.

    deezer help - Show help.
    *Search Tracks*
    deezer search QUERY - Search songs with QUERY.
    deezer search artist:"ARTIST" - Search songs with artist name.
    deezer search track:"TITLE" - Search songs with song title.
    *Player Control*
    deezer status - Display current player status.
    deezer play [INDEX] - Play music. Play a track at the INDEX if presented.
    deezer (pause|stop) - Pause music.
    deezer next - Play next song.
    deezer prev - Play previous song.
    deezer seek 0-100 - Set the position of the reader head in the currently playing track.
    deezer volume (0-100|up|down) - Set the volume level of the current player.
    deezer repeat (no|all|one) - Set the repeat mode of the current player.
    deezer shuffle (true|false) - Whether to shuffle the order of the tracks in the current player.
    deezer add INDEX - Add the track in search result to the end of the playlist.
    deezer list - Display songs in playlist.

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    npm i hubot-deezer

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