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Hubot module to provide a bunch of Azure scripts and a brain implementation targeting Azure Storage Account

Install it using npm install hubot-azure-scripts


There are no scripts yet. We'll include some in the future


This module provides a brain implementation to store it in a Azure Storage Blob.

You need to edit the external-scrips.json to include the file hubot-azure-scripts/brain/storage-blob-brain, and remove the the redis-brain from the hubot-scripts.json file.

Then you have to define the following environment variables:

  • HUBOT_BRAIN_USE_STORAGE_EMULATOR - Whether or not to use the Azure Storage Emulator
  • HUBOT_BRAIN_AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT - The Azure storage account name
  • HUBOT_BRAIN_AZURE_STORAGE_ACCESS_KEY - The Azure storage access key
  • HUBOT_BRAIN_AZURE_STORAGE_CONTAINER - The Azure storage container. If not defined defaults to hubot