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Node hubiC Swift Authentication

This script is written for my personal usage, is unofficial and consequently not maintained by OVH.

This script provides a simple Node.js HTTP server responding to a standard OpenStack Swift authentication request (v1.0) using the hubic OAuth API. Tested with Swift CLI and Cyberduck.


  • Create a hubiC application on (My account > Your applications).

  • Launch the script:

$ export APP_KEY=api_hubic_xxx
$ export APP_SECRET=42
$ export BASE_URL=
$ node hubic-swiftauth.js
  • Go on the base url your specified (here, log in using your hubiC credentials and you'll get this message:
Now you can use the Swift v1 API using these credentials:
    User: hubic
    Password: my-token
Example if you use the swift cli client:
    $ swift -A -U hubic -K xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • You can now use these credentials until you revoke them.