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HTTP2 debug

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Debug http2 client requests


http2-debug will help you to understand if your are making http2 request from your service. It acts as an http2 echo server. It returns in the response body the following information:

  • Hostname (Whoami)
  • HTTP2 headers
  • HTTP2 body

With this information you will be able to see if the desired information was sent from your service.

It's also very helpful for HTTP2 load balancer testing. You can use it to test kubernetes ingress / docker LB + http2.

Local usage

Before testing please make sure your version of nodejs is support http2. To check your node version run on your terminal / CMD the fllowing command:

node -v 

Http2 was added to Node.js only on later versions of >v8.5 . If you need to upgrade or install Node.js got to: Download page of Node.js

Install this module

npm i http2-debug -g

Run the following command from any folder


That's it you now have an HTTP2 server running with selfsigned certificate. Don't forget to enable security notice. By default server is lisening to .

Advanced usage

For custom http response you can overide the default onStream method. Overide could be done by either inheritance from the debug server or by regular assignment.

    class CustomHttpDebugServer extends Http2Debug{
      onStream(stream , headers){
                'content-type': 'text/html',
                ':status': 200
    const http2Debug = new CustomHttpDebugServer;

HTTP2 certificates

To enable fast debuging, this module comes with a self signed certificate. To use it you must disable security warnings. In Node.jd request client just set the following options rejectUnauthorized to false.

Detailed decription could be found here: Node.js TLS API


The comes with some default you can overide these as you see fit

  • --host=
  • --port=8443

For example to change all configuration , run in terminal / CMD:

http2-debug --host= --port=443 --key=./my-key.pem  --cert=./my-cert.pem

Run with Docker

docker run -p 8443:8443 hisco/http2-debug

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