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Listen for requests of any type and log request body and metadata to standard out.


$ git clone
cd http-sponge
$ npm install
$ npm start

Deploy to Heroku

$ hk create
$ git push heroku master


http-sponge is useful when you need to deal with callbacks that happen on an external server that obviously can't send requests to your local apps in development.

Tell your app to direct callback requests at your instance of http-sponge on heroku. http-sponge will log your requests in a key-value format which can be parsed by the bin/mop script. bin/mop accepts a string to match URLs against (you might want to add UUIDs to your callback URL in some way to identify the requests you want forwarded via grep), and a port to forward requests to on your localhost:

$ hk log | grep --line-buffered my-route-to-forward | bin/mop 5000

Now, requests that your non-local app make to your instance of http-sponge will be forwarded along to your local app.


bin/mop forwards the following:

  • Request URL
  • Headers (the host header is removed)
  • Method
  • Body (only JSON is supported)