A pure JS HTTP parser for node.

HTTP Parser

This library parses HTTP protocol for requests and responses. It was created to replace http_parser.c since calling C++ function from JS is really slow in V8.

This was further modified by Jimbly to be useable in parsing responses, specifically tested with the "request" module, and addresses issues such as corrupt HTTP headers, which would otherwise cause Node's parser to throw a fatal error (HPE_INVALID_HEADER_TOKEN).

This is packaged as a standalone npm module. To use in node, monkeypatch HTTPParser.

// Monkey patch before you require http for the first time. 
process.binding("http_parser").HTTPParser = require('http-parser-js').HTTPParser;
var http = require('http');
// ... 

This has been used sucessfully in some site scraping tools using "request" which otherwise failed due to node HTTP parsing issues.

This is still in early development. It can respond to basic HTTP GET requests like the standard HTTP hello-world. In initial testing it's 8% faster for non-keepalive requests.

The plan is to port the unit tests from the http-parser. Once we have all tests passing the node http tests can be run using the monkey-patch method above. Once all those pass, we're good to go. Hopefully this will still be faster by then.