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http-monster Build Status

I don't intend to maintain this repository. I made this as an excuse to play with node.js and CLI.

If you are really looking for an HTTP benchmarking tool, make sure to take a look at ab (Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool) and siege (An HTTP/HTTPS stress tester).


$> [sudo] npm install http-monster -g

Basic usage

$> httpmon -n 15 -c 2 -v


Usage: httpmon [options] <url>


    -h, --help                                             output usage information
    -V, --version                                          output the version number
    -n, --requests [num]                                   number of requests per client (default: 50)
    -c, --clients [num]                                    number of concurrent clients (default: 1)
    -m, --method [http method]                             http method (default: get)
    -a, --auth [username:password]                         http authentication
    -b, --body [param=value&param...]                      request body (postfields)
    -j, --json [{"key": "value"}] or [/path/to/file.json]  request body as JSON
    -q, --querystring [param=value&param...]               querystring parameters
    -t, --timeout [secs]                                   request timeout (default: 30)
    -s, --series                                           request in series
    -v, --verbose                                          verbose mode