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Create HTTP error objects


Create HTTP errors for Express, Koa, Connect, etc. with ease.

var createError = require('http-errors');
app.use(function (reqresnext) {
  if (!req.user) return next(createError(401, 'Please login to view this page.'));

This is the current API, currently extracted from Koa and subject to change.

All errors inherit from JavaScript Error and the exported createError.HttpError.

  • expose - can be used to signal if message should be sent to the client, defaulting to false when status >= 500
  • message
  • status and statusCode - the status code of the error, defaulting to 500
var err = createError(404, 'This video does not exist!');
  • status: 500 - the status code as a number
  • message - the message of the error, defaulting to node's text for that status code.
  • properties - custom properties to attach to the object
var err = new createError.NotFound();
  • code - the status code as a number
  • name - the name of the error as a "bumpy case", i.e. NotFound or InternalServerError.