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Converts Markdown to HTMLBook.


Install with npm: npm install -g htmlbook



Within Node, htmlbook.js works on strings.

var htmlbook = require('htmlbook');
var htmlbook_output = htmlbook("source content").parse();

To use htmlbook.js with a file, in Node.js do the following:

var fs = require('fs');
var htmlbook = require('htmlbook');
var htmlbook_output;
fs.readFile('path/to/', 'utf-8', function (error, data) {
  if (error)
    return error;
  htmlbook_output = htmlbook(data).parse();

Command Line

$ htmlbook -s SOURCE_FILE -o OUTPUT_FILE

Additionally, type $ htmlbook --help for all options.


Below is a list of available options, default value is emphasized.

  • fragment: false or true
  • level: chapter or book
  • debug: boolean -- default for command line is 'false'


There are two suites of tests for this repository. The first is spec/htmlbook_spec.js and tests the package for expected output. Run this test with the following:

$ jasmine-node spec/htmlbook_spec.js

The second test suite checks to be sure that the file being tested in htmlbook_spec are in fact being output to valid HTMLBook. It's no use writing tests that pass unless they pass on valid output. These tests are separated because the validation takes longer.

$ jasmine-node spec/validation_spec.js