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HTML5 HTML parser, including support for SVG and MathML foreign content

HTML5 Parser for node.js

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A simple example:

var HTML5 = require('html5');
var jsdom = require('jsdom');
var core = jsdom.browserAugmentation(jsdom.level(3));
var impl = new core.DOMImplementation();
var document = impl.createDocument();
var parser = new HTML5.JSDOMParser(document, core);
parser.parse('<p>I am a very small HTML document</p>');

Interesting features

  • Streaming parser: You can pass parser.parse an EventEmitter and the parser will keep adding data as it's received.

  • HTML5 parsing algorithm. If you find something this can't parse, I'll want to know about it. It should make sense out of anything a browser can.


Use npm, or to use the git checkout, read on.

You'll need to fetch dependencies or initialize git submodules if you're pulling this from my git repository.

npm install

and give it a run:

npm test

Git repository at