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Prefix URLs in <script>/<link>/<img> with a cdn URL


var prefixer = require("html-prefixer");
prefixr(stream, { prefix : "//" }, function(err, text) {
    if(err) {
        throw new Error(err);


prefixer(stream, [options], cb)

  • stream {Stream} Readable stream to parse
  • options {Object}
  • cb {Function}
    • err {Error | null}
    • text {Buffer} Rewritten text


  • prefix {String} URL used to prefix elements.

A Note on Versioning

This project's version number currently has a "0.x" prefix, indicating that it's a new project under heavy development. As long as the version number starts with "0.x", minor revisions may introduce breaking changes. You've been warned!

Once it reaches version 1.0.0, it will adhere strictly to SemVer 2.0.