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Add a Github corner to a stream of html

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Tim Holman's Github Corners are great! This is a quick way to avoid having to copy/paste them by hand. 😀


$ npm install html-inject-github-corner


This tool works great with indexhtmlify and html-inject-meta. For example:

$ browserify index.js | indexhtmlify | html-inject-meta | html-inject-github-corner > index.html


This tools takes a stream of html and transforms it to include a github corner. It looks first to direct options, then to the repository field of the nearest package.json, and finally will accept any of these options from a github-corner field in package.json.

     --help  Display this message and exit
       --bg  Background color
       --fg  Foreground color
  --z-index  CSS z-index of corner (default: 10000)
 --position  CSS position of corner (default: 'absolute')
    --class  CSS class for element (default: 'github-corner')
      --url  Repository url (by default, looks at repository url of nearest package.json
     --side  Either "left" or "right"

  $ browserify index.js | indexhtmlify | html-inject-meta | html-inject-github-corner > index.html


This can also be used as a through stream:


This creates a through stream that transforms html to include a github corner. The options are exactly the same as for the command line version:

  • bg: A valid CSS color for the triangular background
  • fg: A valid CSS color for the octocat foreground
  • zIndex: The z-index of the corner. Default is 10000.
  • position: The CSS position of the corner. Default is 'absolute'.
  • repository: A url to use in the link. Follows the format of the package.json repository field. If not provided, the nearest package.json will be located and analyzed. Within reason, will transformed to a web url.
  • side: 'left' | 'right'. Default side for the link is the right side.
  • class: An optional CSS class for the element. Default is .github-corner.

Returns: A through stream that appends CSS into the head tag and prepends the github corner to the HTML.

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© 2016 Ricky Reusser. MIT License. Original assets are adapted from tholman/github-corners. See LICENSE for more details.