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A simple HTMLElement shim on the server.

This is a partial implementation of HTMLElement, to get client-side templates (such as hyperscript) working in node!

The current implementation is fully compatible with hyperscript.

Upgrading from v1.x

As of v2.0.0 (Aug 2016), html-element no longer affects the global namespace by default. If you currently rely on require('html-element') to create globals such as document and Element, you should instead require('html-element/global-shim') when upgrading to v2.

For non-global usage, you can import objects directly from the main package, e.g.:

var document = require('html-element').document;


import { Element } from 'html-element';

Supported methods

  • createElement(nodeName)
  • createTextNode(value)
  • appendChild(node)
  • replaceChild(node)
  • removeChild(node)
  • insertBefore(new, existing)
  • toString()
  • setAttribute(name, value)
  • getAttribute(name)
  • setProperty(name, value)
  • getProperty(name)
  • innerHTML()
  • outerHTML()
  • textContent()

Setters update existing objects, otherwise create anew;


  • innerHTML
  • outerHTML
  • textContent
  • attribute.value
  • everything else

TODO / Missing features

  • Your PR to make this a more accurate implementation