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html prettyprinter

A node port of beautify-html.js by Nochum Sossonko which is based on jsbeautifier by Einar Lielmanis


from npm (node package manager)

  npm install html

Usage (command line)

  echo "<h2><strong><a href="">AwesomeCom</a></strong><span>is awesome</span></h2>" | html


          <a href=>AwesomeCom</a>
          is awesome

html foo.html will write the prettified version to stdout.

html *.html will update in place all matching html files with their prettified versions.

Advanced usage

I find myself constantly using the 'Copy as HTML' feature of the Chrome Inspector:

Copy as HTML

The downside is that that usually the HTML that gets copied is pretty ugly:

Before pretty printing

On OS X you can use pbpaste and pbcopy to stream your clipboard in and out of unix pipes. With the ugly HTML still in your clipboard run this command:

pbpaste | html | pbcopy

Now when you paste your clipboard into an editor you will get nice, pretty printed HTML:

After pretty printing


grab the newest beautify-html.js from js-beautifier and drop it into lib/ as html.js. then add the following code to the bottom of html.js:

  module.exports = { prettyPrint: style_html }