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Javascript Poker Hand Evaluator


Hand = require('hoyle').Hand

describe "Finding winning hands", ->
  it "should detect the winning hand from a list", ->
    gary = Hand.make(["2s","3s","4h","5c","As","Ts","8d"])
    mike = Hand.make(["5s","Ts","3h","Ac","2s","Ts","8d"])
    steve = Hand.make(["5s","5h","3s","3c","2s","Ts","3d"])
    winners = Hand.pickWinners([h1,h2,h3])
    winners.length.should.equal 1
    winners[0].should.equal steve
    winners[0].name.should.equal "Full house"
npm install hoyle
git clone git://
cd hoyle
npm install
npm run-script prepublish
npm link
npm install
npm test
  • Handles making the best poker hand out of 5-7 cards
  • Written for code clarity, not speed (But still plenty fast for many uses) See "The Great Poker Hand Evaluator Roundup" for a deeper dive into speedy poker hand evaluators.