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HotTip - A stress-free redux/react tooltip solution

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Install with npm:

npm install --save hot-tip

Install with yarn:

yarn add hot-tip


The examples contains all the information here and more.

yarn run examples

Why HotTip?

We weren't happy with tooltip solutions that looked like react components but under the cover used the DOM api directly (or heaven forbid jQuery). HotTip

  • Using React & Redux? HotTip's only dependencies are react, redux and react-redux

  • HotTip plugs directly into your application state, you'll never need to force a redraw

  • HotTip does only one thing, it positions and displays tooltips

  • Positioning is responsive, if you're close to frame boundaries HotTip responds in a predictable way (see examples)

  • HotTip bundles in at about 40kb (10kb compressed)


HotTip has four basic positions Top, Left, Right, and Bottom. Extra Long tips

There is a maximum width of 200px for a tooltip.

Overflow and wrapping is handled differently for each position Top, Left, Right, and Bottom.

Position auto-adjustments

Hot Tip will do some magic to make sure your tooltips are always visible even if the target is close to a page boundary. All positioning utils are available as a named import.

import {utils} from 'hot-tip'


HotTip exposes four modules: two components, a reducer and some utils. The two components are HotTipRoot and HotTip.

The reducer should be included in your redux combineReducers array, it is exported as hotTipReducer. The HotTipRoot is connected to a data-store of this exact name so it's advised to use destructuring.

import {HotTip, HotTipRoot, hotTipReducer, utils} from 'hot-tip'

The utils just provide access to the same positioning calculations that HotTip uses in case they are useful elsewhere in an application (why not?).

As the HotTip component is the part you'll be reaching for most regularly it is also the default export which means you can import it easily using whatever name you want:

import HotTip from 'hot-tip'
<HotTip tip="I'm a tooltip">hover here</HotTip>
// or
import Hover from 'hot-tip'
<Hover tip="I'm a tooltip">hover here</Hover>

Licence & Contribute

HotTip is on MIT so can be used anywhere with almost no restrictions.

To contribute please read the CONTRIBUTING file.



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