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getHostMeta - Fetch and parse .well-known/host-meta

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What is this?

A browser module for looking up metadata about a host, using the /.well-known/host-meta[.json] files, which is useful for discovering associated services for a host, such as an OpenID endpoint or where to connect for an XMPP BOSH/WebSocket session.


$ npm install hostmeta

Building bundled/minified version (for AMD, etc)

$ make build

The bundled and minified files will be in the generated build directory.

How to use it

var getHostMeta = require('hostmeta');
getHostMeta('', function (err, data) {
    if (err) {
        console.log("Couldn't retrieve host-meta data");
    // Where data might look like:
    // {
    //   "links": [
    //     {
    //       "rel": "urn:xmpp:alt-connections:websocket",
    //       "href': "wss://"
    //     },
    //     {
    //       "rel": "author",
    //       "href': ""
    //     }
    //   ]
    // }



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