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    Hooking System

    Hooking System is a very simple and powerful JavaScript library that will let you implement your own system of hooks, in a fast and reliable way, with almost no effort. It already takes care about some considerations that you might want to have already implemented in a hooking system.

    Note: the Hooking System library is a side-agnostic implementation, and it will work the same for Node.js, and for the browser.

    1. Installation

    Installation for Node.js

    In the console:

    ~$ npm install hooking-system --save

    Then, in the code, you can import the main class of the project like this:

    const HookingSystem = require("hooking-system");

    From here, you can start using the library.

    Installation for the browser

    Import the file located at src/hooking-system.js (from the NPM project downloaded above). For example:

    <script src="node_modules/src/hooking-system.js"></script>

    From here, you can find the main class loaded in the variable HookingSystem, and so, you can start using the library.

    2. Usage

    (In progress...)

    3. API

    (In progress...)




    npm i hooking-system

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