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Hook.io Twitter - Twitter connectivity for your Hook.io applications

Hook.io Twitter is a wrapper around the most commonly used parts of ntwitter that provides support for the Twitter streaming API, and for several methods in the Twitter REST API.

To Install

  git clone git@github.com:hookio/twitter.git
  cd twitter
  npm install


 git clone git@github.com:hookio/twitter.git
 cd irc
 npm install
 node bin/twitter

Using NPM

npm install hook.io-twitter

Command-line Usage

Hook.io Twitter ships with a simple CLI interface. To get started:

 bin/twitter --shell

Some example commands:

 tweet Hi everybody, I'm using a CLI Twitter client!
 report bigspammer5
 follow bestfriend454

Hook Event Names

Events Listeners:

tweet message - Tweets [message] from the configured Twitter account.

follow username - Starts following the given user.

report username - Reports the given user for spam and blocks them.

block username - Blocks the given user. Note: will not block all tweets from that user.

stopTweets - Disconnects the connection to the Twitter streaming API, if connected.

startTweets - Reconnects to the Twitter streaming API, if not already connected.

save - Saves configuration to disk.

Events Emitted:

twitVerified - Your Twitter API credentials have been approved.

connecting - Starting connection to Twitter Stream API.

streamConnected - Streaming API connection started.

keptTweet message - An incoming tweet has cleared all filters, and is being shared.

tweeted message - The given message has been successfully tweeted.

following username - The given user is now being followed.

reported username - The given user has been reported as a spammer.

blocked username - The given user has been blocked.

Twitter Stream Filtering

The public Twitter feed is a lot of data, even with a seemingly narrow list of search terms, and, as a result, Hook.io Twitter has several filtering mechanisms in place.

  • No retweets. Any tweet flagged as a retweet or containing any form of "RT:" will be dropped.
  • The tweets are subjected to a basic level of language detection with the help of this library
  • A history of past tweets is kept, and any tweet with too small a Levenshtein Distance compared to any past tweet is discarded.

Twitter stream filtering is an imperfect and ongoing process - suggestions are always welcome.

Hook config.json settings

  "auth": {
    "twitter": {
      "consumer_key": "twitter",
      "consumer_secret": "creds",
      "access_token_key": "go",
      "access_token_secret": "here"
    "bitly": {
      "user": "for shortlinks",
      "key": "if you want them"
  "track": [
  "follow": [],
  "recentTweets": []




npm i hook.io-twitter

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