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Basic Hook based on async-fs by Gabriel Lesperance


 git clone
 npm install
 node bin/async_fs

Using NPM

npm install

Hook Event Names

Event Listeners

[name]::async_fs::watch_file {name, path} - Watches file path using the hook name name

[name]::async_fs::unwatch_file {path} - Stops watching the file specified by path

[name]::async_fs::watch_tree {name, path} - Traverses the directory defined by path and recursively creates an async_fs FileHook object for each file

Events Emitted:

async_fs::file::watching {path, curr, prev} -

async_fs::file::stopped_watching {path, curr, prev} -

async-fs::file::watch_error {path, message} - emitted when an error occurs while attempting to start a file hook

async_fs::file::access {path, curr, prev} -

async_fs::file::destroy {path, curr, prev} -

async_fs::file::delete {path, curr, prev} -

async_fs::file::add {path, curr, prev} -

async_fs::file::change {path, curr, prev} -

Hook config.json settings


TODO: Add unwatch_tree functionality

TODO: Add handling for file read errors when building a file hook

TODO: Add pattern filtering for watchTree