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This is a plugin for Homebridge. It's an implementation for your Verisure installation and exposes the following devices:

  • Security alarm
  • Climate sensor
  • Magnetic contact
  • Night Control
  • Siren
  • SmartLock
  • SmartPlug
  • Smoke detector
  • Vibration detector

Protect linked devices & accounts

If configured, this plugin will expose your security system and door lock. Please protect you installation from unauthorised access:

  1. Generate a unique pin for your config. Never, ever use the default one.
  2. Lock all devices with access to your installation when not in use.
  3. Remove access from users that no longer need it.
  4. Keep your devices up to date.


npm install -g homebridge-verisure

Now you can update your configuration file to enable the plugin, see sample snippet below.


As part of your configuration, add an object with your Verisure credentials to your array (list) of enabled platform plugins. Example config:

"platforms": [
    "platform" : "verisure",
    "name" : "Verisure",
    "email": "your@email.com",
    "password": "yourT0p5ecre7Passw0rd",
    "cookies": [
    "alarmCode": "0000",
    "doorCode": "000000",
    "installations": ["Alias"],
    "pollInterval": 60
  • email Required string containing your Verisure account email address.
  • password Required string containing your Verisure account password. Not needed if you use cookies.
  • cookies Required array of strings for accounts with MFA enabled.
  • alarmCode Optional string containing your security system alarm code.
  • doorCode Optional string containing your door lock code.
  • installations Optional array for filtering installations based on Verisure alias. Defaults to []
  • pollInterval Optional integer containing poll interval in seconds. Defaults to 60.
  • showAutoLockSwitch Optional boolean for exposing door lock auto lock switch. Defaults to true.
  • showAudioSwitch Optional boolean for exposing door audio volume switch. Defaults to true.
  • audioOffValue Optional string for door audio volume, SILENCE or LOW. Defaults to SILENCE.
  • audioOnValue Optional string for door audio volume, LOW or HIGH. Defaults to LOW.

Multi-factor authentication

[Verisure] MFA is enabled for user. Please see README.

In 2021 Verisure started enrolling MFA which requires you to obtain cookies. These cookies are used instead of a password in your config and will need to be renewed yearly. After installing the plugin, run npx homebridge-verisure in your terminal and copy the output values into your config.

$ npx homebridge-verisure
✔ What is your login email? · foo@bar.com
✔ What is your password? · ********************

 One-time code sent.

✔ What is your one-time code? · FAKE12

 Your config is ready.

  "platform": "verisure",
  "name": "Verisure",
  "email": "foo@bar.com",
  "cookies": [

Environment variables

For convenience, the following environment variables can be used instead of placing secrets in your config.json.

  • VERISURE_COOKIES - Join into a string, separated by ;. Example: vid=myTopSecretToken;vs-access=myAccessToken;vs-refresh=myRefreshToken.



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