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Homebridge plugin for IoT devices that use Tuya Smart's platform, allowing them to be exposed to Apple's HomeKit.


Install this plugin using npm i -g homebridge-tuya-lan.

Update the config.json file of your Homebridge setup, by modifying the sample configuration below. Detailed steps for getting the id and key combinations of your devices can be found on the Setup Instructions page.


Update to the latest release of this plugin using npm i -g homebridge-tuya-lan.

If you feel brave, want to help test unreleased devices, or are asked to update to the latest unreleased version of the plugin, use npm i -g AMoo-Miki/homebridge-tuya-lan.


The configuration parameters to enable your devices would need to be added to platforms section of the Homebridge configuration file. Examples of device configs can be found on the Supported Devices page. Check out the Common Problems page for solutions or raise an issue if you face problems.

    "platforms": [
        /* The block you need to enable this plugin */
            "platform": "TuyaLan",
            "devices": [
                /* The block you need for each device */
                    "name": "Hallway Light",
                    "type": "SimpleLight",
                    "manufacturer": "Cotify",
                    "model": "Smart Wifi Bulb Socket E26",
                    "id": "011233455677899abbcd",
                    "key": "0123456789abcdef"
                /* End of the device definition block */ 
        /* End of the block needed to enable this plugin */


  • name (required) is anything you'd like to use to identify this device. You can always change the name from within the Home app.
  • type (required) is a case-insensitive identifier that lets the plugin know how to handle your device. Find your device type on the Supported Devices page.
  • manufacturer and model are anything you like; the purpose of them is to help you identify the device.
  • id (required) and key (required) are parameters for your device. If you don't have them, follow the steps found on the Setup Instructions page.
  • ip needs to be added only if you face discovery issues. See Common Problems for more details.

To find out which id belongs to which device, open the Tuya Smart app and check the Device Information by tapping the configuration icon of your devices; it is almost always a tiny icon on the top-right.


To create this plugin, I learnt a lot from Max Isom's work on his TuyAPI project to create my communication driver.


npm i homebridge-tuya-lan

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