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    Sonoff TH10/TH16 Smart WiFi Switch Plugin

    This HomeBridge plugin provides a simple, low-cost WiFi switch for TH10/TH16 switches and supports a temperature sensor. In this way this can be used to construct a thermostat.

    To use this plugin, you will need a £10 Sonoff TH10 or TH16 Smart WiFi Switch running Tasmota firmware. Use the ('sensors' build) with an attached temperature sensor if required.

    Preparing the TH10/TH16

    Flashing the Tasmota firmware on the device is straight-forward - you will need to download Tasmotizer for Windows and get a £5 serial programmer with wires such as WINGONEER CP2104 serial converter. The Sonoff must be opened (the case lid just pulls apart once the terminal cover screw has been removed) - ** IMPORTANT ** note that there are exposed components carrying mains electricity when the cover is removed - and solder on a 4-pin header. Connect up the serial interface (RX to TX and TX to RX), and press-and-hold the TH10 button whilst providing 3V3 power and keep holding for 10 seconds. Next load of Tasmotizer, select the 'sensors' release and hit program.

    Once Tasmota has been installed, it must be configured to attach to your WiFi and so it knows it is running on a TH10 and has a DS18B20 sensor attached. This is done by through a browser and using a profile - see the Tasmotizer docs. It can take a couple of gos for these settings to 'stick' for some reason. Once working, the device will be reporting the sensor temperature in it's WebUI:

    Note: This plugin supports a single attached DS18B20 sesnor currently. These devices follow a one-wire protocol so it may be possible to connect two sensors in future.

    Contact and support

    If find a problem or have any suggestions, please create an issue on the GitHub project page at: https://github.com/J1mbo/homebridge-TH10-Switch


    npm i homebridge-th10-switch

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