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KNX platform shim for homebridge. This cannot run stand-alone in node!

Please also visit homebridge github homepage first.

Latest to homebridge-knx changes can be found in the CHANGELOG.md

This can only be used with homebridge >=1.0 and Node >=10.19.0


This node module requires either

  • a running (and properly configured) knx daemon (knxd). You can find the latest version here.
  • another KNX router which can be reached by KNX multicasts.

I cannot support the knxd. Please address issues directly at the knxd issue pages. It might help to search the existing issues, as your problem might have been solved already.

Installation and running

  • Install homebridge first, from https://homebridge.io/;
  • Once you have your instance running (without any devices yet), go to the Plugins tab and type knx in the search box
  • homebridge-knx should be within the top five hits (yes, there are alternatives), please check the name before installing
  • Then put the configuration file knx_config.json into ~/.homebridge (or another folder to your liking, but it should be reaadable and writable by user homebridge or group homebridge which is created by the homebridge installer), and adapt them to your needs (knxd address and some test devices in knx_config.json)
  • Eliminate everything (especially all group addresses) that might harm your KNX installation. Sending bus telegrams to your alarm device might wake the neighbourhood unpleasantly!
  • If you used the dfeault paths (~/.homebridge/knx_config.json) you can just restart homebridge using the GUI
  • If you didn't, or want to use child bridges for more accessories (than 149) you need to configure homebridge (using the GUI e.g.). The following sample is from my test installation
    "bridge": {
        "name": "Homebridge 17AF",
        "username": "0E:0B:9B:24:17:AD",
        "port": 51485,
        "pin": "880-83-869",
        "advertiser": "avahi"
    "accessories": [],
    "platforms": [
            "name": "Config",
            "port": 8581,
            "auth": "form",
            "theme": "auto",
            "tempUnits": "c",
            "lang": "en",
            "platform": "config"
            "name": "KNX",
            "platform": "KNX",
            "config_path": "/home/pi/homebridge/dg-knx_config.json"
            "name": "KNX",
            "platform": "KNX",
            "config_path": "/home/pi/homebridge/og-knx_config.json",
            "_bridge": {
                "username": "0E:0B:9B:24:17:00",
                "port": 51490


Without using a special handler (add-in) for the service, homebridge-knx assumes the following:

HomeKit type KNX addresses DPT
Boolean DPT1
Integer DPT5
Percentage DPT5.001
Float DPT9


See the complete Doc!.


Add-in (aka "handlers") can change the default behavior. See the article

Happy testing!

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