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Local Storage for Dojo


hokan is a package of AMD modules that provide tools to work with persistent local storage. In particular it provides a Dojo Store API interface to persistent local storage.


The modules provided here should work with Dojo Core 1.8 or later.

This code is licensed under the "New" BSD License.

hokan can be installed via cpm, volo or npm, or simply downloaded.

Via cpm:

$ cpm install hokan

Via volo:

$ volo add kitsonk/hokan

Via npm:

$ npm install hokan

Please refer to the documentation for each of the modules for specifics of their usage:

  • LocalStorage - A Dojo Store API interface to DOM Storage's localStorage
  • IndexedDB - A Dojo Store API interface to IndexedDB
  • idbQueryEngine - A Dojo Store API query engine that supports querying IndexedDB cursors
  • util - Utility functions for hokan

Unit tests require the D.O.H. installed and are located in the tests path.