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    Node API to HmSearch library. For more information on the library, see


    Currently the build only supports Linux. Pull requests for Mac and Windows are welcome!

    Ensure that Kyoto Cabinet is installed. On Ubuntu:

    apt-get install libkyotocabinet-dev kyotocabinet-util

    When building from the git repository the hmsearch submodule must be initialised on first checkout:

    git submodule init
    git submodule update


    For details on these methods, see the documentation for the C++ library:

    The synchronous methods all throw an Error if the operation fails, with the message providing further details. The asynchronous methods instead invoke the callback with the first argument set to an Error instance.

    Initialise a database

    hmsearch.initdb(path, hash_bits, max_error, num_hashes, function(err) {...})
    hmsearch.initdbSync(path, hash_bits, max_error, num_hashes)

    Open a database, mode, function(err, db) {...})
    db = hmsearch.openSync(path, mode)

    Mode is either hmsearch.READONLY or hmsearch.READWRITE.

    db is a newly opened database object.

    Close a database

    db.close(function(err) {...})

    Sync any changes to the database and close it. This must be done to release any locks on the database so other processes can access it.

    It is safe to close the database multiple times.

    The database is also closed when the database object is garbage collected.

    Insert a hash

    db.insert(hash, function(err) {...})

    hash must be a hexadecimal string of the correct length.

    Lookup a hash

    db.lookupSync(query, [max_error], function(err, matches) {...})
    matches = db.lookupSync(query, [max_error])

    query must be a hexadecimal string of the correct length. If max_error is provided and non-negative, it can further restrict the accepted hamming distance than the database default.

    matches lists each matching hash as a hexadecimal string and the hamming distance to the query hash:

    [ { hash: '0123456789abcdef', distance: 3 }, ... ]

    matches is an empty list if no hashes are found.


    Copyright 2014 Commons Machinery

    Distributed under an MIT license, please see LICENSE in the top dir.



    npm i hmsearch

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