magical inversion of control for nodejs and the browser


magical inversion of control for Node.js and the browser

Hinoki seems to be the least surprising IoC container available for Node.
I definitely do like its ascetic worldview.
Thanks a lot for this!

var hinoki = require('hinoki');

hinoki is useful when your problem, application, problem or computation consists of multiple values that depend on each other.

a value can be anything: an integer, an object, a function, a class, ...

for example:
the value of a controller action might depend on
the value of a function to retrieve some data from a database which might depend on the value of a connection pool which might depend on
the value of an url to the database...

a name is - you guessed it - the name of a value.

let's use our knowledge to define the factories for that:

var factories = {
  sumFnfunction() {
    return function(xs) {
      return xs.reduce(function(accx) { return acc + x; }, 0);
  numbersSquaredfunction(numbers) {
    return numbers.map(function(x) { return x * x; });
  numbersSortedfunction(numbers) {
    return numbers.slice().sort();
  countfunction(numbers) {
    return numbers.length;
  medianfunction(numbersSortedcount) {
    return numbersSorted[Math.round(count)];
  meanfunction(numberscountsumFn) {
    return sumFn(numbers) / count;
  meanOfSquaresfunction(numbersSquaredcountsumFn) {
    return sumFn(numbersSquared) / count;
  variancefunction(meanmeanOfSquares) {
    return meanOfSquares - mean * mean;
  • ok'ish readme
  • finish documentation
  • test the examples
  • replace resolvers by
    • sources
      • lifetime.factories can be array of sources
        • sources are tried in order
        • a source is either an object of factories
        • or a forge
          • function(name : string) -> factory or undefined
          • used for forge
    • proxies or wrappers or decorators
      • mapFactory(factory, name)
        • used for tracing
      • mapValue(value, name)
    • mappers
      • mapName(string) -> string
        • used for aliasing
  • implement factory arrays
  • implement factory objects
  • better debugging solution
  • port to js
    • use compiled js and go from there
  • performance
    • add benchmark
      • what ?
      • microbenchmark
    • record benchmark results
    • assert optimization status in unit test
    • use lodash
    • make sure that all but the outer function can be optimized
      • make inner functions monomorphic
    • pick low hanging fruits to improve performance
    • ensure that optimizations actually improved performance
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license: MIT