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Export CSV is included as a module in the main Highcharts package since v5.0.11.


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This plugin allows the user to export the chart data to various formats and views.

The contents of the plugin is located in the JavaScript file "export-csv.js". This plugin is published under the MIT license, and the license document is included in the repository.

Deprecation notice

Given the popularity of this plugin, it has been taken in as a Highcharts module since v5.0.11 (2017-05-04), and development will continue in the official Highcharts repo. This means it can be loaded from and is available with the Issues should now be reported in the Highcharts repo.



  • exporting.csv.columnHeaderFormatter Formatter callback for the column headers. Parameters are item (the series or axis object), key (the point key, for example y or z), and keyLength. By default it returns the series name, followed by the key if there is more than one key. For the axis it returns the axis title or "Category" or "DateTime" by default.

  • exporting.csv.dateFormat Which date format to use for exported dates on a datetime X axis. See Highcharts.dateFormat.

  • exporting.csv.itemDelimiter The item delimiter, defaults to ,. Use ; for direct import to Excel.

  • exporting.csv.lineDelimiter The line delimiter, defaults to \\n.

  • series.includeInCSVExport Set this to false to prevent an individual series from being exported. To prevent the navigator in a stock chart, set navigator.series.includeInCSVExport to false.


  • Chart.getCSV() Returns the current chart data as a CSV string

  • Chart.getTable() Returns the current chart data as a HTML table string, ready to be inserted into the DOM using innerHTML.

  • Chart.getDataRows() Returns the current chart data as a two dimensional array.

  • Chart.viewData() Inserts a data table below the chart container.



npm i highcharts-export-csv

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