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A Hexo tag plugin for embedding link preview by OpenGraph on article.

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npm install hexo-tag-ogp-link-preview


Write like below to your hexo article markdown file:

{% link_preview url [target] [rel] [loading] %}
{% endlink_preview %}

or you are able to use "Named Parameter":

{% link_preview url [rel:{rel_value}] [target:{target_value}] [loading:{loading_value}] %}
{% endlink_preview %}

Tag arguments

Notice: All optionally parameters (except for the required url parameter) are able to use "Named Parameter".

Name Required? Default Description
url Yes This parameter is a target of the link preview.
target No _blank Specify a target attribute of the anchor element.
One of _self, _blank, _parent, or _top.
rel No nofollow Specify a rel attribute of the anchor element.
One of external, nofollow, noopener, noreferrer, or opener.
loading No lazy Specify a loading attribute of the image element.
One of lazy, eager, or none.
If specify a none, remove loading attribute from image element.

Tag content

content is fallback text which use when failed to get OpenGraph data from url.


You write like below to hexo configuration file _config.yml:

    anchor_link: link-preview
    image: not-gallery-item
  description_length: 140
  disguise_crawler: true

Setting values

Notice: All setting values are NOT required.

Name type Default Description
class_name string or object link-preview If you are specified string, set a class attribute of the anchor element only.
If you are specified object, set each a class attribute of the anchor element and the image element.
class_name.anchor_link string link-preview Set a class attribute of the anchor element.
class_name.image string Set a class attribute of the image element.
If you are not specify (empty string, etc.), nothing to set.
description_length number 140 It sliced to fit if a number of character of the og:Description exceeds the specified number value.
disguise_crawler boolean true If scraper for OpenGraph want to disguise to crawler, set true.
Otherwise, set to false.


Write a following to your hexo article markdown file:

{% link_preview http://www.example.com/ loading:lazy %}
fallback Text
{% endlink_preview %}

When scraper get OpenGraph successfully, generated html like blow:

<a href="http://www.example.com/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" class="link-preview">
    <div class="og-image">
        <img src="https://www.example.com/image.png" alt="example image" class="not-gallery-item" loading="lazy">
    <div class="descriptions">
        <div class="og-title">title text</div>
        <div class="og-description">description text</div>

When scraper fail to get OpenGraph, generated html like blow:

<a href="http://www.example.com/">fallback Text</a>

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