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A hexo plugin that generates a list of links to related posts based on tags.

List is ordered by the number of matched tags.


$ npm install hexo-list-related-posts --save


Add <%- list_related_posts([options]) %> in template file for article.


option description default
maxCount Maximum count of a list 5
pClass Class name of p when there is no related post 'related-posts-none'
ulClass Class name of ul 'related-posts'
liClass Class name of li 'related-posts-item'
aClass Class name of a 'related-posts-link'
generateAbstract Generate abstract or not false
abstractClass Class name of abstract of content 'related-posts-item-abstract'
abstractLength Length of abstract 110
orderBy 'date' or 'random'
When the number of matched tags is the same, list is ordered by date or random.
isAscending Ascending or descending when list is ordered by date. false


<%- list_related_posts({maxCount: 10, orderBy: 'random'}) %>

To generate abstract of content

<%- list_related_posts({maxCount: 10, orderBy: 'random', generateAbstract: true}) %>

Abstract of content CSS

.related-posts-item-abstract {
  overflow: hidden;
  white-space: nowrap;
  text-overflow: ellipsis;  /* ends with '...' of abstract */