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hexo-algolia Build Status

Index content in Algolia Search API.


You can configure this plugin in _config.yml.

  applicationID: 'applicationID'
  apiKey: 'apiKey'
  adminApiKey: 'adminApiKey'
  indexName: 'indexName'
  chunkSize: 5000
  • applicationID - Your application Id
  • apiKey - Your API key (for read-only operation, like search)
  • adminApiKey - Your admin API key, used for create, update and delete on your indices
  • indexName - The name of the index to use
  • chunkSize - Content to index is split in chunks, to get a good indexing/insert performance (Default: 5'000)


Hexo-algolia provides the command hexo algolia for indexing content, with few options :

  • -f, --fake : does not push content to Algolia
  • -w, --without-reset : does not reset the Algolia index before starting the indexation