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    hexo-algolia Build Status

    Index content of an hexo website in Algolia and provide JavaScript helpers to add search in your hexo theme.

    Browse the CHANGELOG to learn what has changed between versions.


    Compatible with node>=4.0.0.

    $ npm install --save hexo-algolia

    Public Facing Search Options

    You can configure Algolia integration to your hexo website with the _config.yml file:

      applicationID: 'applicationID'
      apiKey: 'apiKey'
      indexName: '...'
    Config Key
    applicationID Your Algolia Application ID
    apiKey A Search-Only API key
    indexName The name of the Algolia index to use

    These configuration values are accessible from your hexo theme, to be used with Algolia JavaScript client.

    Hexo Helpers

    Helpers are provided to make your life easier.

    Algolia JavaScript Client Tags

    The plugin provides an easy way to add Algolia JavaScript API Client either locally (served by hexo) or remotely (via Algolia CDN).

    <%- algolia_search() %>

    Renders as:

    <script src="/assets/algolia/algoliasearchLite.min.js" async></script>
    <%- algolia_search_cdn() %>

    Renders as:

    <script src="" async></script>

    Configuration <meta> Tag

    You can make your index configuration available to your page and client-side scripts by adding the algolia_config() hexo helper in the <head> of your document.

    <%- algolia_search_config() %>

    Renders as:

    <meta property="algolia:search" data-application-id="..." data-api-key="..." data-index-name="...">

    You can access the exposed configuration by querying the data attribute of the algolia:search meta tag:

    const algoliaConfig = document.querySelector('meta[property="algolia:search"]').dataset;
    const client = algoliasearch(algoliaConfig.applicationID, algoliaConfig.apiKey);
    const index = client.initIndex(algoliaConfig.indexName);

    Indexing Content

    Content can be indexed from the command line with the help of the hexo algolia command.

    $ ./node_modules/.bin/hexo algolia

    API Key

    A separate API Key must be provided as an environment variable named HEXO_ALGOLIA_INDEXING_KEY. Create it with these limited write access permissions: Add records, Delete records, List indices, Delete index.

    $ ./node_modules/.bin/hexo algolia


    $ ./node_modules/.bin/hexo help algolia
    Usage: ./node_modules/.bin/hexo algolia
    Index your content in Algolia Search API
      --dry-run          Does not push content to Algolia
      --flush            Resets the Algolia index before starting the indexation

    Security Concerns

    Never store your Admin API Key as apiKey in the _config.yml file: it would give full control of your Algolia index to others and you don't want to face the consequences.

    Please read Algolia Security guide thoroughly if you need some more informations about this.




    npm i hexo-algolia

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