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Jade compiler for hem

Compiles Jade templates for hem.


It is currently usable only with this patch.

  1. Install it with npm install hem-compiler-jade (and add it to the package.json if using one).

  2. Add "node_modules/hem-compiler-jade/node_modules/jade/runtime.js" (or simply "node_modules/jade/runtime.js" if jade is in your package.json) to the libs section of your slug.json.

  3. Add "jade": "hem-compiler-jade" to the compilers section of your slug.json.

  4. ...

  5. PROFIT!

Now all the .jade files are transparently compiled to js and can be required like normal modules exposing the only function -- the compiled template -- which takes context and returns resulting html.

For example, we have my-template.jade file:

tmpl = require('my-template')
html = tmpl({/*context aka locals*/})